An Open Celebration- #nielsensflowerflare  @nielsensflorist

Our final fabulous flower flare was by far the chilliest! Which was surprising for it being so close to May 1st. It has been an awesome journey from planning, to execution, and middle of the night meet ups to create our installations. This is it for now but we will definitely be back!


Thanks for sharing in our Flower Joy!



Is there anything better than flowers to lift the ordinary to the extraordinary, to dial up the beauty, put the celebratory accent on occasions we’ll remember forever  …or simply show just how much we care?

We think so, which is why we are gifting the town with bursts of brilliance in a series of three spectacular floral installations this month to mark our re-opening world after two years of COVID shut downs.


“Families have been reconnecting, students are able to enjoy prom again, senior centers can once again have visitors, it feels like socializing is finally returning. This, coupled with high local vaccination rates, seems like a cause for celebration,” said Nielsen’s General Manager Raya Ward explaining the thinking behind the gift.


“We just want to share something colorful and vibrant with the community that Nielsen’s has been a part of for 78 years. And we wanted to do something BIG,” continued Raya. “For most people, it has been a hard, stressful couple of years, and I too, have personally felt the stress of being separated from loved ones and my support network. That can really take its toll on people of all ages. With spring here and good weather, we wanted to celebrate in a truly accessible way that everyone can enjoy,” she added.


Appearing suddenly in plain sight but where you may least expect them, starting at the Grove Street Plaza Fountain on April 14th, the installations will unleash the joy contained in flowers in flash mobs of natural art crafted by the Nielsen’s design team. Subsequent installations are planned for the following two Thursdays in surprise locations along the Post Road.


“This is a big undertaking for us, but we were so excited to explore our creativity as a design team. Flower installations are a work of art that must become a part of its environment while making a statement to be successful. The colors need to be bright to show the flare of flowers, especially when outdoors, and the mechanics are very important to hold it all together.” explains Bob Sabia, AIFD, Nielsen’s Lead Designer.

While ‘flower bombs’ like those planned by Nielsen’s have appeared in larger cities, they have never been created for local areas such as Darien, according to the Nielsen’s design team.


“We’re hoping people will share their own joy at our reopening lives in photos they take at the installations then post on social media using #NielsensFlowerFlare,” said Raya. “Like flowers, after all, joy exists to be shared!”