A centerpiece is a classic arrangement that everyone knows and loves. They are used mostly during the holidays and events to place at the center of a dining room table or guest table.

The size of a centerpiece can range from 12″ round to 30″ round depending on the environment it is placed in.


2 person table = 10″ wide arrangement

4-6 person table = 15″ wide arrangement

8-10 person table = 20″ wide arrangement

10-12 person table = 24″ wide arrangement

12 plus person table = 30″ wide arrangement

A long and low arrangement is a cousin of the classic centerpiece arrangement.

They are typically found in a long rectangular container that sits close to the table. They are best suited to a long dining table and range from 24″ long to 48″ long, depending on the table size.



4-6 person table = 24″ long arrangement

8-10 person table = 30″ long arrangement

10-12 person table = 36″ long arrangement

12 plus person table = 48″ long arrangement

A new alternative to the long and low centerpiece is multiple “gem” style arrangements placed down the table.

The size of the table will determine the number of gems needed. This new approach to centerpiece arrangements will give each person a view of the flowers.

24” table = 2 gems

30’ table = 3 gems

36’ table = 4 gems

48’ table = 5 gems