Deposits Deposits are taken once the proposal has been signed and approved. Existing customers will be charged to the credit card attached to their most recent purchase. For new customers and those wishing to change their form of payment, please call the store after having signed the proposal with your preferred method of payment.

Fresh Material Indoors We do not install fresh material indoors before December 1st. If you require material before then, we can offer faux material, which can be kept for following years. If you have fresh material installed before Dec 1st and require it to be fixed or refreshed after the guaranteed 3-week period, an additional charge for material and labor will be made. Additionally, we advise that you keep the room with the installation of fresh material at a cooler temperature. Extended exposure to higher indoor temperatures (70/72 degrees +) will dry out and reduce the longevity of garland and other fresh material. 

Proposal Amendments After Approval – Any changes to agreed upon designs require a 48-hour notice. No amendments can be done to design during installation without the approval of a manager. Day of installation, small material changes (e.g., additional birch in containers assuming material is on hand) can be made, however anything larger requires both managerial approval and may require installation be moved to another day. Labor and material charges will be calculated after the change has been completed. 

Scheduling – Scheduling is first come first serve.  Your slot is reserved with the deposit. We can honor requested install days until November 20th, requests for specific days after that are not guaranteed. Any request to move an installation job (indoor and/or outdoor) must be approved by a manager. Installation can happen in segments if desired (e.g., outdoor lighting as early as November 15th, indoor/outdoor installation at prescheduled time, with outdoor containers later). Jobs that are “container only” will be scheduled when available as the work can be done without the client being home. Let us know if you have a party that requires a certain installation date. If timing is not an issue and the client does not need to be present we will schedule the job according to when it was approved, where it is located, and what jobs are happening the same day. 

Weather Damage If any material is affected by the weather, we will schedule to come repair it within 24 hours. 

Lighting Fixes All lights installed are operated by either a switch or timer. The timer is set to between 4:30-12:00am. If there is a power outage the timer must be reset. If you need help with this, you can contact the store during normal hours and we will schedule a visit. Battery powered lights (e.g., door wreaths, free hanging wreaths on the side of the house) are set manually. If there is an issue with battery powered lights that were installed using a ladder, we will have to schedule a time for 2 people with the correct ladder(s). 

Minimum for Labor – $150 

Outdoor Garland and Wreaths All outdoor garland and wreaths may require a screw or a nail to be hung. We use screws/nails that match the color of the material they are being installed into so that when the material is removed for the season it will be mostly undetectable. We use 3M suction cups wherever possible. 

Hanging Up Indoor Material We use 3M hooks and suction cups to adhere to indoor surfaces. 

End of Season Take-down This is a separately charged service whenever the client would like material to be taken down. This can be scheduled at time of proposal signing or after the holidays. Storage bins can be purchased through Nielsen’s or provided by the client.